Q. How long does it take for to produce an inventory report.

A. In most circumstances we aim to provide a completed Inventory Report back to the customer within a 3 working day from the date of inspection, however our inventory clerks are able to provide a faster turnaround and even carry out both Inspections and Check-Ins on the same day.

Q. Can you do the Inventory and Tenant Check In at the same time?

A. Yes – the clerk can dictate the Inventory and then fill out manual overview sheets and the Schedule of Condition etc., that the tenant signs. This situation, however would not be ideal, as the Inventory is not signed at Check In and there is the risk that the refuses to sign it at a later date or subsequently disputes some of the details, which can lead to disputes further down the line. Try to avoid this scenario where possible.

Q. Does anyone need to attend with a clerk?

A. No, the clerk will collect the keys and return them once they have completed the Inventory inspection. Actually the clerk works more efficiently on their own.

Q. Tenancy Disputes rose dramatically in 2009

“The number of tenancies registered with the scheme and ending in a deposit dispute rose dramatically from 1,901 in 2007-2008, the first year of mandatory operation to 6,491 in the year to March 2009. The Annual Report warns that the number of these disputes is expected to continue to rise significantly to not less than 10,000 disputes in the current year. Since the report was written, this estimate for the number of disputes during the current year has risen to 12,000”

Article soucre: www.thedisputeservice.co.uk (28/10/09)


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