What is an energy performance certificate also known as an EPC?

An energy performance certificate (EPC) report provides an indication of your properties energy efficiency with a rating of A – G. The most efficient properties would indicate a rating of band A, which should have the lowest fuel bills. Most recently the average property energy efficiency rating was band D.

The EPC report also tells you how environmentally friendly a property is by measuring its carbon emissions (CO2) with a rating of A – G. The most efficient properties would indicate a rating of band A, these properties would have the lowest emissions and therefore the least impact on the environment.

The compiled EPC report provides an estimated indication of the current and potential energy usage, CO2 emissions and fuel costs and then provide recommendations for the introduction of suitable measures that can be taken (both low and high cost measures) to improve the performance of the property. The recommended measures would not only increase efficiencies of the property but also resulting in a reduction fuel bills, for the owners and occupants.

Do I need an EPC report?

Since October 1st 2008 all residential properties being marketed for rental require an EPC. The EPC is usually valid for 10 years, if your property has been continually let prior to October 1st 2008, then it does not require an EPC until you have re-market the property rental. There may be some alternative exceptions if you are unsure or wish to find out more about whether or not you require an EPC, please contact us and we would be more happy to assist.

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