Check In Reports

This forms The Second  Part of the Complete Inventory Management Process.

The Tenant Check In Reports process examines your property on the day the tenants move in.  The tenants are usually escorted around the property by the clerk who describes the contents detailed within the compiled Inventory Report.

Any changes and amendments agreed between the Tenant and Clerk are also noted immediately on both sets of the Inventory Reports.

The Inventory Clerk also records details of which keys the Tenant has been provided with. In addition to taken and recording all utility meter readings on the date of the Tenant Check In (where and when possible).

The Clerk and Tenant agree the condition of the property at the time of the Check-In and subsequently sign both sets of Inventories. One copy of the signed and Completed Inventory Report is left with the tenant, with the second signed copy being sent to either the Landlord or their Lettings Management Agent.

Thus forming a  basic Schedule of Condition of the property which sets the standard at which the property should be maintained, and returned at the end of the tenancy.

Click Check In Report Sample to see an example of completed Check In Report.

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