Check Out Reports

This forms The Third and Final Part of the Complete Inventory Management Process.

A Tenant Check Out Report takes place at the end of the tenancy and can only be carried out once the tenant has completely vacated the property. The Inventory Clerk then attends the property at a pre-arranged time with the tenant for the check-out appointment.

The Inventory Clerk then compares the condition of the property against the original Inventory Report, reporting any discrepancies and changes in the condition and cleanliness of the property and its contents to the Landlord or Letting Agents. The Clerk determines if the Tenant is liable for any damages or deterioration seen or whether it can be attributed to ‘fair wear and tear’.

The Clerk’s assessment of condition and fair wear and tear is totally impartial and intended to solely report and record the facts of the Check Out assessment on the day. The Inventory Clerk will collect the keys from the Tenant and return them to wherever required and take final utility meter readings.

The Clerk and Tenant then agree to final assessment and sign the Check-Out Report. The original copy are again provided to all relevant parties with IMC retaining a digitally scanned copy of the original signed version on file for any future reference.

Click here for a sample Check Out Report.

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